The 100k Experiment

Ready to begin manifesting your first $100k? Imagine what good it is going to do for you and for the lives of others around you! Ready? Here we go!

How to Play

  1. Each morning when you wake take three deep breaths, close your eyes and recite the intention below.

  2. After you have recited it, go straight into visualizing what manifesting $100k looks and feels like. 

  3. Who are you celebrating with? What are you doing doing? Where would you be and with who? 

  4. Visualize it as strong as possible and feel the feelings with intensity (this is the most important part)

  5. By now you should be grinning like an idiot. Try to hold onto the feeling as long as possible, it's okay if it doesn't last long, or at all. The key is that you continue to do it every single day. It's all a mental game. 

  6. All done. Get on with your day! And then the minute you start to manifest (anything, not just money), let everyone know in the Rich, Fearless & Free Sisterhood.

If you'd like to go a step further and make your intention twice as powerful, publicly declare what you want to do with your $100k in the comment section below.

Elise xo

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