The Ultimate Self Love Technique

Affirmations are well known as a form of self-therapy to dramatically changing your psychological way of thinking about yourself. Hundreds of thousands of people recite them every day (including myself).

Gratitude has recently been scientifically proven to change your outlook on life. People who kept a gratitude journal for 3 weeks measured 25% higher on life satisfaction. They exercised more, they drank less alcohol and their family and friends noticed they were nicer to be around. The effects lasted for months from the initial 3 week period. (Stats from Marie Forleo)

Positive Energy sometimes seems like a very woo-woo concept. But in actual fact positive energy is created in specific forms of movement such as dancing, running and exercising. It’s a natural release of endorphins in your body that creates a ‘high’.

Now you’re probably thinking ‘Why the hell are you telling me about these three things?’ and that is a great question!

It is because these three precious things are the main ingredients to The Ultimate Self Love Technique!

It combines affirmations with gratitude, positive energy and mirror work (which is the last ingredient + a fantastic form of self love therapy) because let’s face it. Sometimes it can get really confusing (and time consuming) trying to say your affirmations, think positive thoughts then write in a gratitude journal when you’ve got shit to do.

That’s why this Ultimate Self Love Technique is the perfect combination of the three, it’s quick and easy to do!

Here’s an example..

Are you in love?

Right, now your challenge is to get in front of the mirror and try exactly what young Jessica did here.


This is to gauge how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror, how quick you can think of things you love about yourself and your life and how revved up you can get your energy.

After this, put it on a scale of 1 – 100, where do you think you’re at right now?

We all know the goal is at 150%.

Next it’s time to get out your self love journal: Write down affirmations you would like to use and things that make you insanely happy and that you really appreciate already. Make it HUGE. You can have awesome serious things as well as funny and silly things too. This is the starting list you’re gonna use for the next week.

Rev yourself up with some movement:
Before you begin The Ultimate Self Love Technique, you’re gonna rev yourself up with some movement. Pop on your fave upbeat song *coughjustinbiebercough* and get moving. Remember the dorky dance moves I was talking about way back? Yup, use those. This is about bringing your energy up so that you can get maximum benefits from the Ultimate Self Love Technique.

Stare yourself down in the mirror: This will probably be the most confronting part of the exercise for you and that’s okay. We all gotta start somewhere! Spend some time looking into your eyes in the mirror. This is an exercise that Louise Hay believes wholeheartedly in and I do as well. You are able to see through the mirror how you gauge yourself, it takes practice and this technique is going to be the perfect avenue. This is the ultimate self love secret sauce. If you can look at yourself in the mirror with love and appreciation (like this exercise is gonna give you) you’re gonna be a vibrant self loving goddess!

Make it a ritual & practice everyday:
Yup, if you want your life to change you gotta do it every day. You don’t go to the gym once and become a pumped up body builder do you? It’s making the muscle stronger. This is the key to making your life a magical ‘on-purpose’ event. You can do it hun!

The Ultimate Self Love Exercise (gratitude, affirmations, positivity)

When I started doing The Ultimate Self Love Technique I found it hard to think of stuff non stop. It wasn’t until after a week of constant practice I started finding my groove!

Over time I noticed things started changing, my days were a lot more positive and little magic moments were happening all the time. My relationships became waaaay better and everything just improved. But most importantly I had a stronger sense of self.

And now? It’s one of my FAVOURITE things to do each day! I literally can’t wait to get out of bed to do my lil dance and incantation. It’s incredibly liberating and I know you will find it seriously helpful to your self love practice.

Elise xo

  • Jayne Anderson

    Omg Elise I love you!!

    This is so flipping awesome!!! I was just thinking to myself this morning that I wish I could just pile all of my daily self love work into one thing and you totally just answered that for me.

    THANK YOU!!!


    P.S I freakin LOVE your blog!!! My mom sent me a link to it and I am so grateful that she did!


    You totes just made my day!!!! xox

  • You are a genius, I have a beautiful book I have been wanting to do something special with and BAM you just gave me my idea, affirmations book, oh thank you thank you so much x

  • Another awesome idea by Elise? DAYUM GIRL. I'm really excited to start this! I think I may do it at night before bed, too – I find it impacts my mood in a better way to be extra happy going to bed and therefore waking up happy rather than waking up normal and then being happy. Makes sense? 🙂
    I actually remember when this vid first came out, it was soooo popular! LOVE IT.
    – Laura

  • Aw shucks Maddison! Glad I could be of service!! 🙂 xx

  • Lol AWESOME Laura!

    I do it whenever I feel like it. It's so fun and totally soothes my inner child. Hurrah!

  • Elise,
    The video said it all perfectly. To get to the point where you can accept yourself the way a child does would be wonderful. This is something I am going to try.

    BTW: Is Jess going to be the next Shirley Temple. I say this with admiration, believe me. She has a great personality.

  • That's fantastic Glynis!

    I think it's so important to always re-connect back with your inner child and to allow that to spill out into your 'adult' life. I'm around kids a lot and I learn from them, they totally see magic every day!

    Lol I agree, she'd make a great Shirley Temple!