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There’s something you don’t know about me…

Something that would probably shock you if you knew because it’s something I haven’t allowed myself to expose until now. It’s something very personal and close to my heart and it’s only been until recently that the wounds have finally started to heal.

Vulnerable doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how I’m feeling right now. But I truly believe that you need to know this and that it will help you even more on this journey to inner vibrance that you’re about to begin.

I want you to know that whatever you’re going through, whether it’s average, bad, shit or life threatening – you have the power to turn it all around for the better. It will get better, I promise you.

The last two years of my life have been somewhat challenging. I haven’t really been able to talk about them with anyone until now because it took this much time to work through the baggage I’d been hauling.

A year prior, I was at an all time low in life. I had reached the end of my fling of miserable relationships, I was directionless chasing a dream that was slowly becoming a burden and my life was pure chaos with little peaks of happiness during weekends of binge drinking.

Around the same time, my stunningly gorgeous mother had planned a trip to Europe for my 21st (How amazing is my mother? Seriously). It was here in Europe that my inner vibrance journey started.

When I returned home I had gained something that couldn’t be explained, it just was. Things were different, life was incredible and one night a woman changed my life when she waltzed up to me on a dance floor and complimented me on my ‘vibrance’.

What you don’t know is that after a while that vibrancy changed.

Getting course corrected by the universe..

It all started when I met my AMAZING man. However, I thought he was an absolute douche on our first meeting. He was loud, obnoxious and totally into me so OF COURSE I didn’t like him.

I was an independent girl with her finger on the world and I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted because I didn’t have to listen to nobody!

Although I was vibrant and independent I had become selfish and careless when it came to men.

The universe was about to shake things up! (I’ve learned that when you’ve been ‘off-course’ for too long – the universe will course correct you whether you want it or not.)

He challenged me in SO MANY ways that I literally became a stroppy tantrum throwing teenager once again. He called me out on my shit, he confronted me when I didn’t wanna talk and he loved me even when I didn’t deserve it.

Vibrant or not, I still had maaany demons I had to deal with.

Hitting bottom..

Shoot to mid year, me and my bestie had planned a trip to Melbourne with our newly acquired boyfriends. (But secretly the trip was actually just for me and my bestie because we wanted to go away together).

That all changed through miscommunication. Dates were changed and she was heading off to Melbourne with just her bf. I was angry and pissed (like a stroppy teenager once again) that she didn’t tell me. But the real truth is that I was pissed that I had been replaced by a guy.

From that day I was too stubborn to admit anything or talk things through. I ignored her and wouldn’t reply to any of her messages, so that was our friendship over.

Shoot to a few months later my amazing job wasn’t all that amazing anymore. New management had taken over and I started getting harassed and bullied by people who were over 30 years older than me.

I was called a whore, a bitch and I was pushed over a couple of times. And worst of all I had to take them to court for it all (which I DO NOT recommend to anyone, it is not worth the damage of your spirit!)

I was so hurt, damaged and broken. And to seal the deal I isolated myself, I didn’t see my friends for months and I turned to food for comfort. (Wow, can I pack on some weight or what!?!)

What started out as an amazing year turned to absolute shit.

This was bottom.

Pink Indie Art - Inner Vibrance Secrets Intro

Sometimes the only way to light is through darkness..

The new year had arrived and although my spirit, my mind and my body was wounded, something else was guiding me to change things (kind of like how something guided you to read this.)

I quit (my last ever) job in retail. I decided to never go back to shit pay, stressful work conditions and no recognition. I decided to partially move back home with mum. (I live half a week with her in my home town and half a week with my bf in the city). I made myself buy books that would help improve my life, I tried and tested the exercises and techniques and I made a promise to myself that I would commit to this and keep at it no matter what happens.
Well, all I can say is that 2012 has been a very colourful year of contrast. Inner battles raged on and became more violent as I shone light on them. Repressed feelings, emotions and memories attacked at my most vulnerable moments. I laughed, I cried, I grieved for my best friend. I let guilt run me for a while and then anger took over for a bit there as well.

I went to hell and back several times.

But all through that I kept my promise to myself, no matter how painful it got, and now I am strong (really strong) mentally, emotionally and physically. I know my worth & I OWN it and most importantly I 100% love myself exactly the way that I am right now.
I can talk about this now because I have healed, I have done the work and it no longer defines me. I’m not ruled by these experiences and they no longer have a hold over me.

I want you to know that no matter where you are in life, whether you’re in a mindset of scarcity, you’re heartbroken, you’re lost, you’re low on self esteem & self sabotaging. Whether you’re being bullied, dealing with depression, blaming yourself, feeling guilty or on the verge of breaking down. Or even if you just want a change – YOU CAN DO IT.

You can change your life and become the most positive, loving and vibrant version of yourself. You can heal your pain, overcome your demons and make peace with your inner battles. You can be happy, really happy, you can live with passion and aliveness and you create a life that you never even imagined was possible. It all starts with YOU.

In this eBook, we will get raw and strip down. You will learn everything I have gone through and the steps I took to work through my shit, my inner-battles and demons. You will have your own set of tasks to complete in each section, some will resonate with you, others won’t so much. Do what works for you and discard the rest.

You will be challenged, you will want to give it up at some point because it seems like too much effort. Remember, this is the ego trying everything it can to bring you back to feeling worthless. Keep on it. You only live once and now that you’ve got this ebook things are gonna start changing.

If I can do it I sure as hell know you can too.

Let’s make it ridonkulous shall we?

Elise xo

  • Jacinta

    Elise, all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU for sharing your story/free intro with us.

    I really resonated with a lot that you wrote about and it really made me understand you even more and that you have totally been "there".

    I can't wait till your ebook is out! I will be your first customer!!!

    ~ J

  • Oh wow, thank YOU Jacinta! It really means a lot to me that it resonates with you (cause that was kinda the aim!)

    Now you have me all excited!!!

  • Amy-Lee

    Hey Elise I read your blog but have never commented until I read this post.

    I have been through a similar experience of being bullied in the workplace and I just want to commend you for sharing your experience with us.

    I think it's important that woman stand up and talk about serious issues like these to help others who aren't in a place to talk about it yet.

    Thank you and I can't wait for your ebook either!


  • Shit, Elise, this is amazing, I can't wait for the full e-book to come out. I'm almost in tears from the sheer honesty here, and also because I relate to so much of what you've written. Being replaced by a guy by your bff? Ooooh boy do I know about that. I know about a lot of things in this introduction, and I'm also working through it, so, yeah, can't wait for this :).

    I hope I'm not sounding sappy or phrasing this wrong or anything, but all those experiences sound sucky (seriously? Calling you a whore and a bitch at work? WHAT THE FUDGE. I know I don't know the whole story, but from what I can tell I'm glad you took them to court!), which is why I'm even more surprised at how vibrant and awesome you are! You should fist bump yourself for overcoming all that, GO ELISE WHOOOO.
    Congrats on the e-book, babe!
    – Laura

  • Amy-lee, thank you so much for your msg! You wouldn't believe how many emails I've been getting from girls who have been through similar situations!

    It's great that people are feeling more and more safe to talk about those issues and I am happy to be a part of the change.

    Elise x

  • Lol, Thanks Laura!!! I'm glad you relate to some of my experiences and that it touched you.

    It's from those lessons we seem to bloom better 🙂

    I totes fist bump as often as I can!


  • WOW Elise!!! How amazing that you were right in the eye of the crapola storm, and broke on through to the other side a brighter, stronger, better you! I love that you're now using what you learned on your journey to help other women!! YAY!!! Can't wait to read more of your book…this was definitely a teaser!! Here's to your shimmering, sparkling, delicious success!!! 🙂