My Happy Life - Things to Make You Happy

I’m about to share a secret with you that is my sole recipe for life.

I do this almost everyday. I do it when I’m feeling great, when I’m feeling tired, sluggish, when I need a much needed break from the computer. Basically whenever I need or want to get my energy up, I do this.

It’s great for YOU too because we all have those moments of ‘blah’ or ‘I just need some inspiration’ or ‘I’m planning to be unhappy today, go away’.

Here’s what you do to get bat shit happy in 60 seconds..

Turn on the stereo to your favourite radio station or grab your ipod and pop it on it’s dock and play your favourite up-beat song. Once you push play, for the next 60 seconds go all out. Don’t worry about getting it ‘right’ or looking like a dick or not being into it. You can do it, push yourself.

Push play and…

  • Dance like a MOFO. Go Will Smith on yourself, jump around, bust out some dorky ass moves. Swing your body around like you’ve got no control, throw in some ninja kicks and old-school disco stu moves. The point is to get a ton of energy out to get your energy UP.

  • Smile like it’s STUCK. While doing all of that crazy ass shit above, smile like your on something. Smile like it’s stuck on your face and you can’t stop. You will look like a psycho, that is assured, but your vibe will be flying higher!

  • Make NOISE. Belt out some sounds! Whether they’re words, screams or muffled baby noises just get it out!
Here’s an example I LOVE.

By the end of this you’ll feel like an absolute twit, BUT, you’ll be absolutely buzzing, energized, excited and ready-to-go.

This is my secret recipe for life, if you dig deeper you’ll realize this is more than just a ‘get happy’ exercise. It’s a method that consistently keeps your vibe, your energy, your positivity soaring through the roof.

So, in the comments below tell me EXACTLY how you feel after having done this crazy exercise. I wanna know!


  • Love it! I regularly do the dance thang and it def picks me up! I gotta try the smile thing πŸ™‚

    Thanks for this reminder and now I want to go watch Hitch again!

  • I think I'm in love with everything Will Smith related so I'll find any excuse to post his stuff on my blog!

    Thanks so much for your content Sandy! I'm about to browse your site and already I see some great posts I'm gonna bookmark!x

  • My pleasure! Let me know which ones resonated with you the most! I couldn't reply on MF's site..I think we exceeded the number of comments in that thread πŸ˜‰

    Keep in touch!

    ps. are you on Twitter?

  • I am on twitter under *drumroll* EliseMcdowell πŸ™‚

    Found you on there as well!

    Will definitely keep in touch!

  • I already do this, and I love it!!! I feel so energized and happy after dancing crazy. Works every time. πŸ˜€

  • I know right!

    I just did it now before I head out the door and I am feeling FANTASTIC!!!

    Thanks for your comment Kristina!


  • Absolutely fantastic…thank you for sharing Elise. Watching this clip just put such a big smile on my face! πŸ™‚

  • Ang, your comment has just put a big smile on MY face!

    Thank so so much for sharing!x