How to Network with Other Bloggers

Networking. Ugh, what a slimy word. Hate it. And I'm sure that's what most people think when they hear the word as well. In my acting days networking was what you had to do if you wanted to get anywhere and I always hated going to those events because it felt so superficial and nobody would really talk to you unless you were 'someone'. Booooo!

These days, I've no problem networking. Not because I've gone to the dark side or anything. I just choose to look at networking in a different way. It's called making friends!

Remember your kid days where you could start playing with any random kid at the local playground and you were instant bff's fighting over the swing and playing on the seesaw together? That's what the new networking is like. Fun!

I've made a ton of amazing friends all over the world from blogging. People I consider more than just a blog buddy. I personally think building real friendships with other bloggers is important.

1. Be an active commenter

Whose blog do you read on a consistent basis? How often do you comment on their posts? None? Oh my dear, now's the time to start! And you should start with the blogs you read the most because you already have a connection with them from reading their work for however long you have.

If you don't have a blog you read consistently, the best places to browse for them is on bloglovin. Other places you can find blogs to comment on are through pinterest and twitter.

It's really important that you're genuine when writing comments. Don't just write "great post!" because those types of comments will ALWAYS be overlooked as opposed to a detailed comment on something specific in the post.Write from your heart & slowly not only will the blog author will get to know you, but so will the readers. 

2. Just say 'Hi'...

Most bloggers are incredibly friendly and welcoming and have more than enough time to chat with you. So find their contact page or email and send them a message!

You have free reign to talk about anything. Maybe a post of theirs really resonated with you, you have a burning question you'd like to ask them or you want to compliment their work. Bloggers always love to hear from the readers, it's how we know if we're doing things right!

By just saying "Hi", that's how I met Lyn, Rachel, Jordan, Eyenie, Victor and Katherine!

3. Buy their products

If the blogger you wanna get to know some more sells products, I highly recommend you buy some! It's a way to help you better understand the person, where they're coming from and essentially if they're a great fit for you as a new friend in cyberspace.

On top of all that it gives you a great way to start a conversation with the blogger! Maybe you'd love something elaborated more or you just need that 'something' to talk about if you're a little nervous to approach them out of the blue.

As for me? I bought Jordan's book, listened to many of Victor's podcasts and have been a test dummy for Lyn's workout programs!

4. Follow them back!

Sometimes you're not gonna have to do any of the work at all! Sometimes people are going to approach you, send you emails and ask you questions. This is one of the best ways to network!

Next time a blogger approaches you, you get a new comment, someone emails you feedback or asks you a question - answer them and then follow them back! Almost everyone leaves a link back to their blogs, so get curious and click the link! Leave comments on some of their posts and soon enough you'll have built a new friendship out of thin air!

What is one step you can take today to catapult your blogs success?


  1. Elise,
    It has been a pleasure getting to know you and yes, your recommendations are great in this article. I am so glad we had the opportunity to connect! Hope all is well for you! Take care!


  2. I'm a new blogger, I've been trying to figure out how to network and this has been the source that has been the easiest to read and makes the most sense! Thank you so much for answering so many of my questions within this post!


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