I’ve heard time and time again from fellow business owners and friends that self-care is so important when running a business. I mean it’s important with or without a business but for the sake of staying relevant, it’s important for business too.Â đŸ˜…

To be honest, I used to think self-care was a big waste of time and an excuse ladies made when they wanted to splurge on themselves. Ohhhhh how I was wrong!

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So you want to create an ebook, and you want to create it as quickly as possible so you can launch it out into the world, change a lot of lives and make a fantastic amount of income from it!

Wise choice my friend.. wise choice!

But hooooow though? Isn’t it meant to take months to create the perfect ebook?!?! Aren’t you meant to become the suffering writer carefully articulating every single detail so that it is a trillion percent perfect and nothing less?!?!

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After the success of creating my first digital product, I wanted to start thinking about diversifying my income streams so that I wasn’t relying heavily on one source.As all Mothers across the globe would say, “Don’t go putting all your eggs in one basket.” And so over a two month period I decided to execute this by introducing affiliate marketing to my monetization plan.

The first month was about setting up the systems,

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Hello friends! I’ve been getting quite a few emails from you lately about your traffic and how you’re not getting the growth that you want and it’s not increasing no matter how much you’re trying and you’re trying EVERYTHING you’ve heard of.

I’m a big believer of the 80/20 rule. Which means 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. And I only figured this out earlier in 2017!! For the first year I was doing everything too.

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Hey my friend! Today we’re talking about the easiest way you can go about creating a free email course today.

What is a free email course? In it’s simplest terms it’s just an autoresponder. It’s a series of mini lessons or blog posts that you send to a new subscriber when they first subscribe to your list.

This is because you want to cultivate a relationship with your new subscriber. And we all know that in the first two weeks that someone joins your list,

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It happens, you know! Sometimes we get so busy with life that we completely neglect our email list, or we’re just not taking our businesses as seriously as we should be, or it’s just a hobby, or something comes up!

Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out who you are in business so it seems kind of pointless to be emailing your list about one topic when you’re going to be switching to several others.

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I’ve been getting quite a few questions from people lately about how to manage multiple sales funnels that lead to one product.

So what I mean by that is if you have several lead magnets that are all related to one of your products, should you be intertwining them with each other or should you keep them separate?

Here’s an example: Say you had a free email course that directed your reader to your product and then you had a downloadable PDF that also was on the topic of your product,

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Hey friends! Okay, I don’t want you to panic but this is going to be my last income report for a while. I KNOW, I KNOW, you guys love them but I just want to take a break and focus on more in-depth content rather than touching on the topics lightly in these posts. And if I’m being totally honest I’m finding I’m losing inspiration with the income reports. I feel like I have a lot more to offer than how much I earn.

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Hey friends! Today’s episode is a sort-of response to a question I saw in a Facebook Group a few weeks back.

There was a person who was asking the group whether it was viable to start a blog today. Whether they should even bother when the market is already saturated.

I’m not gonna lie, this question annoyed me. Actually, the attitude behind the question is what annoyed me. So I wanted to take a moment to share more thoughts in this video!

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Today I’m talking to you all about SendOwl and how I leverage this platform to bring in four different streams of income.

When I created my first ebook I wanted to find a platform that I could use that automated the delivery process. I was already using SendOwl to join other affiliate programs and found it really easy to use so I decided to sign up to a paid plan.

Using SendOwl actually came about from the creation of my first ebook.

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