What To Do When You Doubt Yourself In Your Business

Sep 27, 2015

What if everyone thinks I'm a HUGE fraud and throws avocados at me in the street?

Her blog is 5 trillion times more inventive than mine, why the fuck would anyone read mine?!

What if they laugh hysterically at my sales page and post nasty ass comments?

These thoughts creep into our minds when we're least expecting.

What? You thought you were alone?

This is me on a good day.


Fear and doubt are always going to affect us in our life and business. Yes, even when we're successful, even when we're adored and even when we're rich.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, fear is like a necessary companion. It's the reason you're still alive today. Instead of trying to push it away or conquer it, it should be treated with respect and thanked that it has kept you from walking down dark alleys and swimming outside of the surf lifesaving flags.

Once we can get to a place of "making peace" with fear and invite it along on the ride with us, only then we can start to work with it in a way that's easier for the both of you.

What To Do When You Doubt Yourself In Your Business

Don't Give Your Doubts Fuel

How do you keep a fire burning?

By adding more wood.

Don't add any more wood and you got no fire.

Same goes with those doubtful thoughts you love to drum around in that skull of yours. Our thoughts don't really have any voodoo magic over us unless we're adding a barrel of gasoline to the fire of them.

Whatever you're doubting you need to realize that it's actually just one simple thought you keep thinking over and over again. It's not actually real.

Interrupt the patterns.

Every time a self doubting thought enters your mind, have a few go-to things you can do to interrupt the doubtful pattern right away.

You could have a saved set of funny youtube videos on hold anytime a doubting situation arises.

Tony Robbins says that in order to change your thinking, you've gotta re-associate new feelings to old habits by interfering the thought patterns. What's one thing you could set up to do/watch/listen to the next time your doubts pop up?

Get your alter-ego on.

I know you got one! She's that sassy, sultry, fiery diva you keep locked away in your fantasies - perhaps letting her off her leash when you've had one too many mojitos - shhhh... I won't tell ;)

Beyonce unleashed hers to the world and it made her famous, gave her a lot of money and she felt fully (and safely) self expressed. She described her alter-ego as "aggressive, strong and sexually confident".

It's like playing a role of your "perfect self" or whoever you believe can get you to that point of being confident in yourself.

Worst case scenario?

Ask yourself what's the worst that could happen if you just go through with it?

If any of your answers affect your ego (i.e I'll look stupid in front of everyone) it's time to push that puppy outta the way and let YOU shine.

Focus on the good in your life.

Think about all the good things you've got going on in your life right now.

And what about all of your past achievements?

Who has helped and guided you along the way?

Focus on the good as you take your first step into the unknown.

In a 100 years who’s going to give a damn?

Seriously. Who's gonna care?

In the comments below I would LOVE for you to tell me one thing you're gonna take away from this list and apply the next time your doubt starts popping up.

xo Elise

P.S - 10 ways to clear your money blocks

10 Ways to Clear Your Money Blocks Today

Sep 11, 2015

I'm not a fan of long-winded processes.

Like digging deep into your past to uncover some locked away memory that's been the sole thing holding you back from becoming an author, moving to Buenos Aires and meeting your Costa Rican soul mate.

I think it's healthy to know where a limiting belief came from, but when we talk about money blocks, most people think you need to dig deep into your past and re-live the events all over again. And only once you've done that, then you can start to work through your beliefs.

And all I can say is, what an unnecessary shitty way to go about it!

When you're baking a chocolate cake and you realize you have no eggs, you don't beat yourself up about it and think, "If only Timmy Thompson didn't steal my eggs in baking class when I was 10, I'd be able to have as many eggs as I wanted now!!", do you?


You just go to the supermarket and buy some more eggs!

That's how I look at money blocks.

As an opportunity for taking positive solution-based action.

In my private facebook group The $100k Experiment (join here). One of our wonderful members, Sarah, asked a fantastic question about a particular money block that many women face.

What happens when you start manifesting money and then an unexpected bill or expense arises, and just like that the money you manifested has gone before it even reached your fingertips?

This is a fantastic question, and if you're in this situation it's a great indication that you're doing things right. How? Because our blocks only come up when we're hitting an upper limit or financial comfort zone, which means we are right on the brink on change.

Here's how to ensure you break through that threshold.

10 Ways to Clear Your Money Blocks

Declutter everything

When manifesting money, (and anything in your life really), you need to make room for it. Simple. And you do this by decluttering everything physically and mentally. Start by doing the obvious, have a huge clearing of your wardrobe, your cupboards, your car, wallet, bedroom, kitchen, lounge, the files on your computer. Get rid of anything that no longer serves you at this new level you're wanting to move into. Cleanse your house and gardens. Cull everything. This clears your mind of things that have been laying in the back of your mind. Now when you're wanting to declutter your mentally, this gets a little bit trickier. It's time to look at leaving old memberships to sites or hobbies, groups your that no longer interest you, services you no longer use, old friendships that don't seem to work any more and clients that aren't a match to you.

Forgive, forgive, forgive

Forgiveness is so underestimated. And it would be. Most people don't want to forgive others, especially if that person has wronged them in some way. When you learn to move past that, and realize that all forgiveness really is, is a way to set yourself free from what or who was holding you back. You win. How you clear your money blocks by using forgiveness is by doing this: write a huge list of every limiting money belief you've ever had, think from birth to present day and any extras in-between. Try to do this uninterrupted. Then when you feel you've gotten everything out, big, small, insignificant, humiliating and so on. Read through each line out loud, feeling the feelings and then say "I forgive, I love you, I'm sorry". By the end of the list you'll feel a hell of a lot lighter - I guarantee it!

Practise EFT

I'll admit, I find Emotional Freedom Technique a bit lame, BUT, it works! I don't use it often, but when I do it always helps me push through a block that I'm struggling with - every single time. I don't like doing it on my own because I feel like a mega dork, so I follow this tapping tutorial - which probably makes me even more of dork, right? There are some of you who will love it, and if you do - use it every single time your blocks come up. It's a quick and easy way to break through.


Another underestimated tool. Giving thanks for everything in your life that you have currently, have received in the past and will receive in the future. It's the best (and easiest) way to ensure you success. I listen to an audio by Tony Robbins called The Hour of Power and in it he talks about the triad, which put simply is regarding the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the way you move determine your current state. And there's a powerful exercise in the audio that you listen to while you're on a walk that gets you to change your state into a beaming positive beacon of gooeyness with a huge emphasis on giving gratitude and visualizing what you want for yourself.

See a Kinesiologist or Intuitive Healer

This is something I have not done yet - however I tried bowen therapy once, does that count? - but it is something I am really eager to try. I haven't needed it yet in terms of clearing blocks for myself, but I have a feeling I will need to as I start to uplevel further and further in my life and business. I've heard incredible things about going to a kinesiologist. Joanna Turner, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Leonie Dawson swear by it to clearing your blocks, so definitely give it a try!

Track your money

In a Periscope video I did, I mentioned the importance of tracking your income and putting it either in your diary or on a simple excel spreadsheet. It's 1000% true that what you think about, you bring about or what you focus on, grows. So instead of letting yourself be on auto-pilot or worse, not paying positive attention to your money at all, make it your goal to check your bank account every day and make a note of the income only. Don't worry about expenses, this is about clearing your blocks, not giving you a heart attack! ;)

Write your goals down

There's a power in setting your goals each day. It's like a physical affirmation. Whatever your goal is, be it reach $5k this month, book one new client this week or sell 5 products today. Write your goal down. It doesn't matter where or when, just make sure you do it every single day. Why? Because it gets you to focus, it reaffirms to you what you want and it energetically sets you for the day to achieve what you've set out to do.

Join a Mastermind

Sometimes us ladies in business can find it hard to talk about our businesses and our money shit with people outside of industry, like friends and family. That's why it's really great to join a mastermind or find a group of like-minded woman who you can bounce off when you do hit a money block. The Rich, Fearless & Free community would be a great place to start! Join here.

Use visualization

Remembering when you were a child, and when it was mat time at school your mind would wander off into a daydream that was far more interesting than what the teacher was teaching? No? Only me then. Well visualizing is like the adults version of daydreaming, and the cool thing is that if we do it well, we manifest our 'daydream' into reality! Use visualization of what you want to move past your limiting beliefs. When they creep up on you, choose in intercept the limiting thought with a more powerful thought about what you'd like to have instead.


Like I mentioned on Periscope, meditation is one of my favourite things to do. I do them in the morning as they help me set up for my day while grounding me at the same time. My favourite abundance and money guided meditations are by Gina Devee and Gabrielle Bernstein (which you can find on iTunes and download as a free podcast). I prefer guided because as you know, I like to use my imagination, I can't concentrate if I try to do it in silence! Find a guided meditation that works for you when your money fears are bubbling up to the surface.

Sometimes you might not clear the block fully on the first round. That's okay. You will get it. As Robet Collier said, "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out".

Now it's your turn to share: What are some quirky ways you use to clear you money blocks?

Elise xo

P.S - how we manifested our $2.1 million dollar home

How to Juggle a 9-to-5 While Running Your Business

Sep 6, 2015


Let's not pretend we worship the ground they stand on.

They fill a need.

Like a waterproof goose down jacket when you're snowboarding the Southern Alps.

When we're in the first stages of building our business, 9 times out of 10 we're still going to be working in our jobs.

The tricky part is juggling both of them when you're not making enough from your business to leave and are needing the income from your job to live and function on.

This, if done right, can be really easy and in fact enjoyable!

My part time job had hours that really suited me. It allowed me to work for two to three hours in the morning and two to three hours in the afternoon. I'd wake up early, get my morning routine done and then work on my business. It kept me excited throughout my day knowing that I could return to it once I finished work.
A year or two before that I was using my job as an excuse of why I wasn't putting the time into my business. The truth is I had major limiting beliefs and money blocks. I just didn't think I was good enough to do it.

If you're one of those people who says they can't find the time to work on their business, don't have enough energy after working all day or busy doing other things. Here's three examples of multi-million dollar entrepreneurs who built their businesses while working in a job.

Leonie Dawson worked a full-time government job while hustling on her business. Marie Forleo did bartending while building her life coaching business. Denise Duffield-Thomas had a corporate job but decided to go out on a limb and ask her husband to support her for 6 months while she tried to build her business.

Whatever your excuse is for not working on your dreams yet, it's costing you more than you know. So get over yourself - lovingly so - and get your butt working!

How to Juggle a 9-to-5 While Running Your Business

Here are a few tips to make the juggle a whole lot better for you.

Lighten your work load

If you're working 40 hours a week and you're finding it's too much for you to be able to do that and work on your business, have a chat with your boss at the possibility of lessening your hours down to 30 or 20. 

Yes the income decreases a little bit, but you're opening yourself up to more time, energy and creative space to put into your business to make double your income!

Look for a bridging position

If you're unable to lighten your workload without pissing off your boss, another thing to try would be looking for a bridging position. Something that doesn't take up as much of your time or energy that will allow you to be able to work on your business.

This could be a part time role working as a Nanny for a few hours a day, or maybe check out if there are any Virtual Assistant roles up for grabs in your network.

There's always a way, don't forget that!

Set specific times to work on your business

To truly live in alignment with the rich, fearless and free lifestyle, you need to be responsible in your business from Day 1, and that means living your life the way you would once you were successful.

You need to stay as balanced as you can. Of course you'll overindulge when it comes to working on your business, when it's something that excites you that you love and you're passionate about who wouldn't want to immerse themselves in it 24/7!?

But try as hard as possible to live your life and enjoy it. Keep up your date nights, your coffee dates and family catch ups. Without these your life will be just that little less sparkly.

And I said it once and I'll say it again, you don't need to suffer in order to live your dreams.

Let us know your personal tips! How are you juggling your 9-to-5 while working on your business?

Elise xo

P.S - If you're ready to step into the life you were born to live making big money and an even bigger impact on the world. Click here to learn more about working together!

How We Manifested Our $2.1 Million Dollar Home

Aug 28, 2015

In celebration of some incredible people manifesting some amazing things in The $100k Experiment (hint: 50 pounds, a $1200 trip to Fiji and a load of great money making opportunities!) I want to share with you how we manifested our $2.1 million dollar rental home earlier this year. Yes that's the view from our bedroom!

It all began with the viewing on New Years Eve.

Who views a house on New Years Eve you ask?

No one.

Except the people bonkers enough to do it.. AKA us.

We knew that January was a busy time for people looking for rentals, with new students starting their semesters and newcomers moving into the city wanting to give the 'big smoke' a try still drunk on the idea of new possibilities.

But New Years Eve wasn't a busy time. In fact it was a deserted buffet with an abundance of delicacies ready for the taking!

We knew we loved it the minute we walked down the foyer to the entrance. And as we moved through the house, it wasn't about what we liked about it, it was about what we were going to do in this room and that room, and what we'll put here and decorate there. And then it was the view. The view that enraptured us all.

The house was ours in our minds.

And two months later, it was ours.

Here is what we did:

How We Manifested Our $2.1 Million Dollar Home

  • Wrote in my gratitude journal how much I loved living in the house, If I didn't journal I'd say what I was grateful for about it when I went on my daily walks.
  • I visualized myself in the house, pottering around, cooking, working, just regular day to day stuff that I already did anyway.
  • Talked in detail about the house with my partner and our friend living with us.
  • Drove by the house at least three times a week so I could soak in the view, and imagine myself in the house once again. Yeah I was getting borderline stalker around about now.
  • When friends came to visit, I'd say "Let's go see our new house!" and then I'd drive them to the area and we'd marvel at it's beauty for a few minutes or so.
  • Scott and I went for a few walks around the neighbourhood to suss out the vibe and people. 
  • We went to every viewing of the house. Just to get a few more minutes of good visualizing juju in.
  • We also started buying up furniture for the new house. I found a killer 3-piece lounge suite for a steal!
  • We frequented the local shopping centre and bought groceries at the supermarket.
  • I got my finances in order ready to pay for the bond.
  • Started to appreciate where I was because I knew the house was ours.

Simple practical steps right? 

When you add them all up, throw in repetition and almost no resistance. It can happen that quickly.

In saying this, I think it's important to note that some things will manifest quicker than others, easier than others and with less effort than others. And some things will just take longer no matter how hard or little you try.

I didn't plan to do any of the things above, they just happened naturally. And yes, we even had a bit of resistance and freaked out that maybe it wasn't going to happen. But overall our vibe stayed positive.

The biggest thing is to get out of your way and not be attached to the outcome. If you can do that, then you've won the battle!

So to send you off, I'll leave you with a quick sunset snap from our deck that I sent my friends last night.

Your turn! What's something 'big' that you have manifested with quite a bit of ease?

Elise xo

P.S - If you're on Periscope, tomorrow I'm going to share the 3 things I do each day that have helped me manifest more abundance in my life! My addy is @elisemcdowell - see you there!

How Marie Forleo "Humiliated" Me

Aug 24, 2015

It was the lowest point in my life.

I was broke, jobless and living at home with my Mother.

Scarcity had wriggled it's way into the depths of my subconscious and I could feel it's claws tightening it's grip.

I didn't know what to do. I was helpless. I felt like less of a person because I had no purpose, no income, no connection to anyone, nothing. I was making mini droplets of income through my blog at the time - $20 here, $80 there - but even then it seemed like everyone around me had wrapped a scarcity bag around their heads too.

There was one day I remember fondly where I needed a haircut - a simple $20 haircut - and I couldn't afford it.

And something in me snapped.

I was furious.

Was this really all there was to my life?

Was this it?

I needed help. I needed an answer. And I needed it now.

I couldn't afford to work with a coach or buy any books, so out of sheer gall (and suffering) all I could think of to do was ask Marie Forleo.

And she came back with this..

I remember that fateful day like it was yesterday. I had just woken, dried drool on my cheek, hair like I'd combed it with a cactus.

Opening the email I remember thinking "Oh, a money post from Marie yuss!".  I clicked through to the post and let the video play.

As per usual she had her quirky little intro, which what makes me (and I'm sure everyone else) connect with her so much more. And then moved into the readers question.

And that's when I heard my name.

My heart stopped.

"It's.. my.. question." I said, dumbfounded.

Marie continued reading.

I slinked further and further under my duvet, eyes bulging, heart in my throat.

I felt like this.

As she moved through the video with her advice - which by the way I did NOT pay any attention to because HOLY SHIT MARIE FORLEO ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!!!!! - a sudden wave of humiliation washed over me.

I felt seen.



Like I'd just lead myself to a public slaughtering of some sort. GoT style.

"What are people going to think of me? What if my ex from 8 years ago sees this!? What if my horrid maths teacher from 6th form sees this? Oh god, what if my friends see this!? WHAT IF MY FAMILY SEES THIS!?!?! IDIOT! The entire world now knows about my 'situation'! How stupid were you to ask this question publicly! This is worse than that time you fell off stage at the school assembly!"

I was a goner to my "victim mode".

But there was nothing I could do, it was already done. I cringed. I squirmed. I felt like this guy at 2:20. And yet there was still nothing I could do. Nothing but accept it and move forward.. somehow.

Eventually I was able to watch the whole video through and actually retain the information that Marie had given - which I use a lot of in my day to day practice!

And now? I go back to that video every now and then to check in with where I'm at. I still cringe at moments, but each time I do watch it I feel better and better about it. And amazingly (and ironically) enough Marie was able to help me realize something extremely important after I'd actually posted this post..

How amazing is that?

Many, many lessons have come from this one small act of courage (and pain). And yes, I still feel seen. Yes, it still makes me squirm. But if this has helped at least one person change their relationship with money in a positive way, at the sake of my "ego", then that is worth the world to me.

Elise xo

P.S - Getting some mega facebook love over here!

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