Free Printable: The Happiness Schedule

May 3, 2015

Happiness, I believe, belongs to those who define it. Because without stating precisely what it means to you, it becomes an elusive esoteric god-like feature that only the special among us ever get to taste.

Because even if you had it sitting right there in your sweaty little lap, you wouldn't see it. Because you'll already be looking for the next "thing" to make you happy.

But when you define it as clear as the Mediterranean sea - it's yours for the taking.

Happiness is really simple if you let it be. So for now while your complexly beautiful infuriating mind is off calculating how many lattes you need to stop drinking and thank you's you need to start saying. Just start here.

Because this is happiness and it's most simplistic.

(Click image to enlarge & save to desktop)

Save it as your desktop wallpaper, pin it to one of your boards on pinterest or share it on twitter and facebook. Let this be a reminder of how simple happiness can be.

Elise xo

Live your dream

Mar 25, 2015

Most of us go through life pretending that we don’t have any special goals or ambitions or desires when really deep down inside we do really want more. 

We block ourselves and we use these words almost like we’re in a trance, like we’re sleep-walking through life, that we find ways to cancel out our dreams, that a lot of things that we want to do, a lot of places we would like to go, a lot of things we would like to experience, and we just stop at "but."

But will cause you to hide out behind fear, but will cause you to come up with all types of excuses that you can validate your inaction and not acting on your dream. ”But” is a dream-killer.

But most people, you know what they do? Most people go through life quietly and safely tiptoeing to an early grave. 

We’ve been holding back, we have ideas we that don’t act on, things that we want to do, we’re afraid to take chances. A lot of people say no to things and they don’t even know what they’re saying no to! Don’t allow but to keep you in the corner.

A lot of people say, “But I tried once,” or “twice,” “and it didn’t work out,” and so they use that as an excuse not to ever come out again. Even if things don’t work out, even if I experience defeat or failure, that does not make me a failure. There’s a difference between failing and being a failure.

If things don’t work out, if you don’t produce the results you want, that’s all, but don’t confuse who you are with the results that you produce. Do what you can where you are with what you have, and never be satisfied. 

Yeah, don’t get satisfied with yourself. Always know that wherever you are, you can enjoy more, that you deserve more. Why don’t you decide now that you can expand your world, that if other people can learn you can learn, too.

If you’re working on you dream, sure they’re gonna be times when you’re gonna want to give up, sure there will be times when life will knock you down and catch you on the blind side, but the challenge is to hold on.

And if you hold on tenaciously, I say the universe is on your side. If you don’t decide to act on your dream, if you don’t decide to make a decision to live your life, if you don’t decide to step into your fears, if you don’t decide to say yes to your life, it will never work for you. You’ve got to live what’s in life, life is too short and unpredictable.

But what do we say? ”But there will always be tomorrow.” Oh, no. There’s no guarantees that you’re gonna show up tomorrow. Always something there, the reason you can’t move on, the reason why you can’t grow to the next level, why you can’t being to manifest your greatness, why you can’t begin to live life on your terms, that you’re gonna say “it’s not worth it.”

Yes, that’s going to be right there for you, it’s going to be in your face, telling you to go back. So if you want to do something, if you’ve thought about something you want to do, take it head-on. Life will never be the same.

Live your dream.

5 Tips For Happiness In Your Workplace

Mar 12, 2015

5 Tips For Happiness In Your Workplace

In my teens having a job was really about surviving city life - and being able to afford a ridiculous party addiction. In my early twenties it was about exploring industries, figuring out my passions, trial and error. Now that I'm in my - gulp - mid twenties, it's all about 'Am I going to be happy here?'.

Because what is the point of renting out 80% of your life to a place that you have panic attacks about attending every single day?

After all, being a stay-at-home-whatever isn't a luxury for the middle class anymore.

Yuck, I know.

So what if you're not happy in your workplace, and as much as you'd like to be dramatic and resign tomorrow, you can't leave?

This is what you do.

1 // create a game plan

If quitting by the end of today is off the table, unfortunately - and I do hate saying this because these exact words are what my mother told me, and swallowing them was like downing a shot of car battery fluid mixed with razor blades and salt - you have to change how you feel about your workplace.

What worked like a charm for me was producing a game plan. A simple month-by-month type of game plan.

For instance, this month make a project to crush your previous monthly sales history or to arrive at work 10 minutes earlier than your start time. Next month try up-skilling your product knowledge or make an effort to learn more about another colleague you're not that close to yet.

It is a known fact that if you have more purpose for something, you're more likely to create more feelings of engagement and enjoyment.

2 // design a happy work space

Those who sit at a desk, I don't know what's up with you shifty folks but you never seem to do anything with your space. Where's the photos, the magazines, the organised mess, the personality, the arrangement, where's the soul of you?

We do better when we're surrounded by colours, visuals or objects that inspire us. It's a security thing. If you surround yourself with things that make you feel more comfortable, work becomes easier, you feel safer, more open, more cheerful.

Embellish your desk with colour, photos, quotes and glitter. Sprinkle you, all around the office. Get chummy with those colleagues who look like they're good people to hang around with.

3 // make friends

When Scott had been working at his gym for a few months, I got really envious of the friendships he was building there. I loved being a Nanny, but I yearned to socialize, crack jokes, act stupid and chit-chat with adults again. I missed being part of a team.

Making friendships is one of the most important things about creating a happy workplace environment. You bond over menial stuff that only you really understand, you band together when shit gets interesting (A.K.A soul-destroying). Sometimes, the work-friendship crosses over into life-friendship. You never know what could happen!

You automatically gravitate towards the people who match you in personality. Get to know those people. After all, you do spend almost every day with them. They'll make it worth your while.

4 // spice up your lunch breaks

Are you guilty of doing the same thing every lunch break? Are you eating the same food as yesterday, txting your BFF complaining about your day or sitting in the exact same spot?

That was me several years ago. Meatball sub, cosmo magazine and the cold, damp staff room that would make your hair raise on the back of your neck every time a breeze floated by. Blegh.

Changing up your lunch breaks instantly gives you more zest to make it through the rest of your day.

For one whole week, try doing something different when you have your lunch break each day. Go for a walk, sit outside in the sun, go shopping, visit an art gallery, have a lunch date, go swimming, have lunch with a colleague, check a book out at the library or have a nap!

5 // avoid them haters

Haters gonna hate. No matter where you go, there will always be a parade of negative people taunting you to join the dark side.

They could be complaining about the boss one moment and the next they're bitching about you behind your back. Avoid them like the plague. Otherwise, that happiness you crave so much to have at your workplace, is never going to exist.

Bottom line: Stay away from gossip and unhappy people - and if you're one of them, fight for your happiness every. single. day.



P.S - 21 self-love affirmations.

20 Tricks for Acing Your Job Interview

Nov 19, 2014

20 Tricks For Acing Your Job Interview

It's that time of year when all the kids are flooding back into the cities searching for work, or those who have had enough of their current jobs have decided to look for a new & shiny position in something they're more passionate about. Are you one of those people?

I've seen my fair share of jobs - who hasn't!? - and I've always been really lucky to land every position I've ever wanted. That being said, I've learn't a ton from interviewing and I think you could totally use some of the tips I've got to share if you're on the hunt for a job.

1. What's Your Why?

Why did you apply for the job anyway? Hint: Don't say because you're on your last packet of instant noodles, have $2 left in the bank & are going to start selling limbs to pay off your student loans. It's not amateur hour. Regardless of whether it's your dream job or not, you wouldn't apply for a job you don't actually want to do, so why are you applying for that position in that industry? What about it lures you? Where are you hoping to go? Everybody out there is driven by a 'why'. I'm building my own business. Why? Cause I want to enjoy my flippin' life. Eric Thomas knows his 'why'. Figure out yours, and you'll be kilometres ahead of the other job huntees.

2. Do The Research That Most Job Hunters Don't Do Anyway

There's gold in knowing all you can know about the company you're getting into bed with (metaphorically speaking). Employers love when you come into the interview gushing about their company - it reaffirms their own reasoning for arriving at the doors 9am sharp every day for the last 15 years. Google the usual: What their company is about, how they started, what drives them, social media pages and who the head honcho's are. This is the quickest way to find out if you'd even like the company.

3. Prepare For The Questions You'll Be Asked & Become A Pro At Answering Them

Arm yourself with intelligent thought-out responses to these questions and you'll have your interviewer in the palm of your hand. What do you know about our company? Why do you want to work for us? Tell us about a negative situation that arose in your last position and how you handled it? What did your previous manager do that you disliked? What do you believe are your strengths & weaknesses? Why do you think you're the best candidate for this role? How do you want to be managed? Tell us about your experience in this industry? Bonus Round: Suit up on behavioural questions.

4. Get Amped Like You're About To Carve Up The Clubs

Modesty aside - make a 'hell yeah!' playlist. I know you more than likely already have one. Listen to it on your way to the interview. Actually. I know you're nervous. But not only will fist pumping in your car amp you up, but it will ease the nerves. It's also a form of power posing, which Amy Cuddy explains so eloquently.

5. Dress Like A Boss - Literally

I'm actually incredibly laid back when it comes to managing a team. But when it comes to interviews, if you wear jeans, I'm not hiring you. In saying that, don't play it safe, play it smart. Dress for the role but treat your outfit like an extension of your personality. Think of it like this, the 'standard' interview outfit is vanilla ice cream, your personal style add-ons are the chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles and caramel sauce. ASOS has a great workwear section where you can find a faultless interview outfit like these examples below.

Job Interview Outfit Ideas

6. Get To Your Interview Embarrassingly Early

Arriving late doesn't look good. It really doesn't. And arriving late in jeans is just icing on the damn cake - you're still not getting hired. But arriving early? Gives the interviewer a very good first impression of you. Getting to your interview early has a lot of benefits - you have extra time incase traffic is bumper-to-bumper, you haven't applied your makeup, your boyfriend forgot his lunch & you're on girlfriend duty to save the day or your nerves are getting the better of you.

7. A Smile Is All It Takes To Make or Break Your Interview 

This is where some of you will get caught out. If you're rude to the receptionist and the staff member you passed on your way in and then act all sweet-Lucy-kiss-ass when you meet your interviewer, you've already lost the fight. Staff talk to each other. And they have no problems voicing their opinions about you, and because the interviewer knows and trusts them over you, you'll lose. So whoever you meet from the moment you leave your house till the moment you're back in it again, give them your warmest smile sweetheart.

8. What's Your Story?

Your story is your marketing goldmine. Are you gonna be a personal trainer? Were you severely overweight and then dramatically lost it all to pursue your dreams? That's a story. Have you been obsessed with dresses and notebooks since you were in diapers and want to sell them to the world? That's a story. Stories sell, so make sure you bring yours into the mix. Make it passionate, inspiring and also humbling. You'll have them begging for more. Bernadette Jiwa is an expert at helping you unlock the value in her story.

9. Let Your Personality Do The Talking

If you're predominantly cocky, nice, snobby, energetic, laid back - be it - and don't be afraid to be either. Show your personality, don't be timid, there's no reason to be. There is a place for everyone. Yes, even the douche bags *cough*carsalesmen*cough*.

10. Passion Goes A Long Way - And So Does Personality

I do hope you actually really want the job you're interviewing for, and not just the pay check. You can fake passion for an hour, but you can't do it for months or years. And your employers will notice that, and they'll feel cheated by you. When you speak, speak with passion about the company, the position and about yourself. Let your personality ooze through you and everything else will fall into place.

11. Ask Questions You Know Will Make Your Interviewer Get A Little Sweaty

It's not just an interview for you, you're also interviewing your potential employer. You want to know if this is going to be a profitable business decision for your wellbeing, your pocket and your future. When they ask you if you have any questions, intelligently ask them these: Can you describe a typical day in this type of role? How long have you been with the company & what has made you stay for so long? How would you explain the work environment/culture? What are some of the goals for the company in the short & long term? How would my performance be measured? What is the companies initiatives regarding learning & development? Bonus: If the pay rate wasn't advertised - you have every right to ask how much the role is worth.

12. Take Your Resume & Send It To Extreme Makeover - Job Edition

We're all guilty of still having a sleep-inducing black and white 90's style resume - so you can come out from behind the sofa now. Want to know a secret? 99% of all resumes submitted for jobs are unedited, undesigned and uncoloured. That means that a small touch up of your own resume will literally place you in the lead for getting an interview and the position. Your resume should also be an extension of your personality. If you're zippy, charismatic and full-of-life, a black unedited resume does not reflect who you really are. So add some colour! Underline your headlines, introduce white space, add a professional photo of yourself, be YOU in written form. Loft Resumes is great for the non-creatives or those without time to edit or design their own resumes, (that's their handiwork in the image below), you tell them what you want, pick your template, and a lovely professional creates it all for you. And then watch how employer after employer is calling you the very next morning for an interview.

Resume Makeover Ideas

13. Sell YOU Inc. (the best company in the world!)

Think of the job application process like dating someone you really like. You don't want to screw up anything - especially on the first date. You think of every tiny detail that will make you look desirable before you've even met at your favourite restaurant - you know the one with the waiter that always makes sure you get extra fries with your burger. You prepare your hair, your shoes, your outfit, your perfume, what you talk about, what you say in a text, the language you use, the way you laugh, your body language, your facial expressions and even your smile. All so that you're presenting the whole package of yourself. The selling starts the moment you learn of the position advertised.

14. What's Your Edge?

Thinking outside the box for the position will be a brilliant asset for you.  Write a list of skills and experience you have officially and unofficially - and don't sell yourself short either - I know you oh modest one. You could be going for a position as a lifeguard and also be a whiz at social media. Float the idea that you could use those skills to promote the pool online 24/7 with updates on swim lessons, aqua fitness classes, pool closures, when maintenance will take place and staff and member updates. And boom! you've suddenly become a 1000% more valuable to your potential employer.

15. Step Out, Be Bold & Share Your Ideas

Could the company consider adding an incentive structure to motivate employees better? Do you know a shortcut way to slice their costs in half? Did you use a great system in your previous job that would fit extremely well into this new company? This is how you demonstrate your usefulness to the company. Don't be afraid to express your ideas. Being bold is what makes you stand out!

16. Leave An Impression - But Not So Much You Break The Internet Like Our Friend Kim K

Right from when you submit your application to the moment you leave the interview room, plan to leave a lasting impression. Smile, be creative, communicative and enthusiastic - but don't kiss ass - and know your shit. A lasting impression is worth more than a resume with loads of experience, and a person with no vivacity. Head hunters and employers want to know you understand their company and that you actually give a damn. Don't give them a chance to doubt that.

17. Ask When A Decision Will Be Made

You're a busy girl (or guy), you've got hearts to break and other employers to impress. There's nothing worse than leaving an interview with the ball 100% in their court - what you're surprised? You still have some pull my dear - and having no idea when or if they'll get back to you. Muster some and ask. Peace of mind is a lot more fun than being left in the dark.

18. Self-Five & Throw Back A Beer

You've got to celebrate the small things darling, otherwise it just becomes a treacherous game no one likes to play. You made it to, through and out of your interview - that's *insert alcoholic poison of choice here* worthy. Congratulations, big girl! The hard part is over.

19. Everyone Loves The Chase - Except When You're The One Doing The Chasing

Muster some guts guts and use them when you haven't heard back from the employer and it's the day after they've said they'll call you. Take a deep breath - a shot of vodka (optional) - and make the call.

20. Move Forward

Some of you have a tendency to take what was said in the interview harshly. Stop stressing about whether you said the right things or not. It's an absolute waste of your time. Just get on with life, apply for more positions, do vodka shots with your friends, live your life (heeeeeeeeeeeey). And when they do call you to let you know that the job is YOURS. You can be one of the cool kids and act like you knew you'd get it anyway. Piece of cake. Mmmmm, cake.

How To Love Your Flaws & Adore Your Body

Sep 18, 2014

How To Love Your Flaws & Adore Your Body

So, you got flaws?

Damn girl, I got them too! If we really wanna get into a contest about it, I've had mine since I was 8-years-old. What about you? Can you beat that? Can ya? Can ya!?

Okay, childishness aside, can we have a REAL conversation about this please? Body image. Argh! Single most important thing to a woman's mental health is how she feels about herself. Takes years to build confidence up, and a moment to tear it down.

That 'tear down' infests every area of a your life from the clothes you wear everyday, how you interact socially, when you see your friends, how often you have sex, how well you perform at your job, your own personal happiness to the relationship you are constantly creating with yourself.

Adoring your body, loving your flaws & seducing yourself goes far beyond self love. It's about creating a healthy body image regardless of your size.

When you learn to do this (through my AWESOME steps below) you will touch every part of your life. You'll gain strength and lighten the load of your heart with each step you take. Think of how much more time you'd have on your hands if you can successfully replace your self-loathing with joy, bliss, love & fun!

Another point I want to make out is that everyone no matter how thin, thick, short, tall or 'normal', have body image issues. Let's start changing that today shall we?

  • Whatever your flaws are, FLAUNT THEM: Oh god *cringe* - "I can't stand looking at them, why the fuck would I want to flaunt them!?" you say? It's in bringing those things that we hide, are ashamed of, make us feel less out into the light to heal, and be okay with. Turn what you can't stand into your greatest asset.

  • Buy clothing & underwear that makes you feel uber sexy/happy but also FITS: If you're worried about how big you are, but you're still cramming your voluptuous frame into a tiny piece of material, it's time to go out, honor your body & buy yourself some bigger clothes that look sexy as hell on you & make you feel so comfortable. If you're worried about how small you are, you get yourself some stunning numbers that'll make you feel beautiful! In other words, STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE SIZE ON THE LABEL. It doesn't matter!

  • Drop the story & write a new one: "Soooooo like, I've had body image issues since I was 8-years-old..." It's time to let this story go hun. Plus, it's probably gotten a little boring and repetitive. Invent a new story, c'mon we could do it a thousand times a day when we were kids! How do you wanna feel in your body in this new story? What's the kinda relationship you wanna have with your body?

  • Move your body. I don't mean go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 3 hours while you simultaneously slate every inch of your body. No no. What I mean is make your body active. Dance around your house, do some zumba, go for a lovely bush walk with your hunk-o-manflesh or take a shopping/gossip date with your girls. Do things that make you happy, that also combine being active. You will feel amazing for it!

  • Learn the art of Charm & Cheek: Kitty Cavalier's School of Charm & Cheek is for women who want to learn how to reclaim those two elements as a source of power and to know themselves more deeply and intimately. She explains that Charm is the sensation of pleasing or delight, and Cheek is endearingly irreverent. They're the Ying & Yang of living a really fun & joyous life. Too much charm can be cute & pretty but you always need a little cheek.

  • Ignore the haters: There's one in every town. But that in no way means you should buy into their crap of what they say about you. If someone in your life doesn't make you feel loved, beautiful or worthy it's better to distance yourself from them than put up with their own insecurities they're projecting on you.

  • Join a Burlesque Class: Burlesque is such an intriguing, alluring form of entertainment that involves getting on stage and flaunting EVERYTHING (& yes includes a strip tease). Before you say "There ain't no way in HELL that's happening!" you can first learn Burlesque from the comforts of your own home (or bedroom with all the curtains closed if your so inclined). Channel your inner Carmen Electra or Jo Weldon. Burlesque isn't just about stripping, teasing or seducing, it's actually a form of therapy exploration for someone whose dealt with body image issues, eating disorders or just feeling dirty because your a woman. It helps heal those wounds.

  • Be unapologetically YOU: You are who you are and as much as you want you can't change that (unless you really try too). Living an authentic life isn't about 'being the best version of yourself', it's actually about living in the polarity of your flaws and assets and not making either one right or wrong. It's about wearing both of them unapologetically & having a wild time!

  • Love what's unlovable: Re-tune your relationship with those parts of yourself that you find unlovable. If you struggle with a particular body part, say your belly. Start telling yourself your belly is the hottest thing about you. Or if it's your thighs, tell yourself your thighs are your sexiest asset. The only thing less attractive than "flaws" is not liking those parts of yourself that are considered flaws. 

  • Sweet talk yourself. Okay, TMI time. Before my shower every night, I spend some time just being naked in my bathroom. I turn on my fancy shower radio I got when I was 14 and I dance andflip my hair round (it actually feels AMAZING on the skin of your back, did you know that?!). I take time just to enjoy my body and talk to it sweetly, tell her she's beautiful and that she's sexy as hell. Doing this has greatly improved my body image, so I dare you to do it too.

  • Seduction = attraction: Oh yeah, seduction is actually a great tool for law of attraction! But first you gotta change your personal definition of seduction (which will more than likely be about sex, being perfect, a way to get what you want or being cold). Seduction as a way of life is living with the utmost authenticity, boisterously. And when you do (be) that you naturally attract or seduce what you really want. You bypass your egos need for control and you attract your souls true desire.

  • Give up the bitch fest: Sitting round with your friends, family and colleagues bitching about your bodies is the WORST thing you could do to yourself. It psychologically affects you deeper than you realize & completely warps your relationship with your body. STOP IT. If you've got nothing nice to say about yourself, don't say it! Instead, print this page out and do at least ONE of these steps to making yourself feel better!

  • Love yourself no matter what size you are just for the f*ck of it: Be a rebel without a cause. Love yourself till the end of time, just because you f*cking can!

  • How To Love Your Flaws <3 How To Adore Your Body
    Are you yourself dealing with your own body image issues? Or have you worked through your body issues & have a great relationship with your body? Please tell me in the comments below!

    Oh and if you know of someone who is struggling with her own self image, please share this post with her. It may just change her life. xx

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